Rev. Lon Lorton

August 4, 2019

Hosea 11:1-11

"Oh, how can I give you up?  How can I let you go?  How can I forsake you?  How I long to help you!"  Hosea 11:8

Hosea 1-3

  • Husband and wife metaphor (God and Israel)

Hosea 4-10

  • A series of accusations and threats to the nation

Hosea 11

  • God is a parent, maybe a mother, mourning the potential loss of her child.

Luke 15 and Hosea 11 compared

  • Luke's prodigal is told from the perspective of the runaway child.
  • Hosea's prodigal is told from the perspective of the grieving parent.

Hosea tells of God's intimate moments shared with His children.

Hosea goes even farther in showing God's compassion.

  • God does not tell us what He will do, but what He will not do.
  • God is restrained by His own love, mercy, and grace.