Rev. Rob Wilson

July 29, 2018

John 1:14

1.  Heaven in context

2.  Heaven and earth are distinct but overlapping.

3.  Temples

4.  Animal sacrifice as a means to deal with sin and injustice

5.  Jesus is described as the temple and the sacrifice.  He conquers evil and death by letting evil conquer him.  The judge is judged, and the victim becomes the victor.

6.  The church becomes a temple because of Jesus sacrifice.

7.  The new creation is rejoining of heaven and earth.

Please visit the website www.thebibleproject.com to review our past three worship services and to investigate all the material they have there.  It has been my aim to reveal a way that would not only teach but lead you to share with others what you’ve learned.  Thanks for allowing the space to look at things from a source that points us to our Savior and Lord.