Rev. Lon Lorton

April 15, 2018

1 Peter 1:1-9

Introduction to 1st Peter:

  • A letter from an original disciple of Jesus
  • A letter from a friend to friends, all enduring trials and tribulations

As aliens, we do not belong here (verse 1).

  • Elect = chosen
  • Exiles = Aliens, sojourners, foreigners
  • In this world but not of this world

We have a living hope (verse 3).

  • Our living hope is connected to the resurrected Jesus.
  • We ask, "Why does bad stuff happen to good people?"  God's Word replies, "There are no good people, no not one."  (Romans 3:10)
  • Our only hope is resurrection - a focus beyond the scope of this world.

In the midst of testing by fire (verse 7)

  • Trials act as the burning away of the dross.

Our hope is in Christ (verses 7-9).

  • Our hope is in a God we cannot see right now, but whose face we will stare into throughout eternity.

What else but resurrection could transform Peter?

What else but resurrection could transform us?