Rev. Lon Lorton

Palm Sunday

March 25, 2018

Luke 19:37-40

Holy Week is here!

  • An illogical conclusion to the life of Jesus

But, for this day there is a celebration like no other.

  • Screaming and yelling and praising God

The Pharisees once again are offended by Jesus.

  • "Rebuke your disciples!"

Jesus' followers have forever been told to settle down, even to shut up.

  • "Don't be such fanatics!"
  • "Curb your enthusiasm!"

Jesus' disciples have listened to the voices of the Pharisees for too long.

  • "It's a little wink here, a little shrug there, a look the other way, and suddenly we find ourselves tolerating things and refusing to challenge behavior that is clearly wrong."  (Dr. Frank Harrington)

The season of Lent is a good time to challenge our sins of omission.

"Ain't no rock gonna cry in my place!  As long as I'm alive, I'll glorify His holy name!"