Rev. Lon Lorton

February 4, 2018

Acts 9:26-27

The Setup

  • Paul's history
  • God's history with people like Paul

The Situation

  • Paul's desire to associate (kol-lah'-oh) with the church
  • The church's desire to not associate with Paul
  • Where are we in this story?

The Solution

Barnabas stood up for Paul.

  • Every believer needs a Barnabas (mentor/friend).
  • All believers are called into a ministry of investing in others' lives.
  • A church is only as strong and effective as its fellowship.

Allow God to move in your heart, to place someone on your heart.

Along the California coastline there are some of the largest living organisms in the world - redwood trees.  In at least one respect, these giant trees are similar to Christ's church.  Some are 300 feet high with circumferences of 40 feet or more, and the largest have been there more than 250 years.  These trees are so strong and massive because they only grow in groves and their roots intertwine underneath the ground.  Where there is no intertwining, there is no growth.  As in the church, where there is no "connectedness," there is no growth.