Rev. Lon Lorton

October 1, 2017

Genesis 12:1-20

God's calling (short of great faith in Him) sometimes seems questionable.

  • Are we to always accept and believe God's promises?
  • Are we to accept and believe God has chosen the right people for His tasks?

Abram and Sarai have one function in the plan of God:

  • To be a blessing to ALL the families of the ground (adam-ah), and so participate in God's attempt to recreate the harmony of the Garden.

With what Abram and Sarai perceive to be crises, they deter from God's plan.

  • Instead of moving into the land promised, they go to Haran, then on to Egypt.
  • Abram decides, without God's approval, on a deceptive plan to serve his own purposes.

Where Abram seems to have forgotten the promise, God has not.

God gets a bad rap for "choosing the wrong people."

  • There must have been people more obedient to God.
  • There must have been a couple out there who could conceive at least one baby.

A better question to ask might be, "Why would God choose someone like me...

  • to leave my own stuff behind?"
  • to get up and go someplace I've never been?"
  • to do something I've never done?"

God does not choose righteous people.

  • By the way, there are none.

God's grace brings righteousness.

  • God desires us to participate in His plans for all people.

How glad are you for God's grace and love and forgiveness in your life?  Glad enough to share them with others (all the others) who may need them as much as you?