Rev. Lon Lorton

July 30, 2017

Acts 1:4-5; 8

"...these who have turned the world upside down!"  Acts 17:6

Turning the World Right-Side Up

  • The first generation church had an undying passion for God.
  • We need to rekindle the passion of our first love for the Lord, and believe the Holy Spirit's fire is in us to do the rekindling.

God's Cure for a Lost World

  • It isn't up to the heathen to quit acting like heathen.
  • It is always on the people of God to carry out His ministry.  2 Chronicles 7:14

So, What Do We Do

  • Revive the passion in our own hearts.  Revival is anchored in worship, Bible study, prayer, and faithful service.
  • Open our lives to others so God's love can reach into and touch others.
  • Be prepared to maintain the passion even when ...

Revival Begins Within

  • It is God's desire to hear us say, "I am not going to compromise!"
  • Questions for reflection:
  1. Am I living in a way that is God-controlled in every direction?
  2. Do I spend time with Jesus?
  3. Am I trying to do what I am fully able (in Christ) to do?
  4. Am I doing things to encourage the body of Christ?
  5. Am I intentional in sharing the gospel with others?

"Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?"  Psalm 85:6