june"Thanks" is not enough for those who contributed food and money for our last fundraiser of the school year.  Your support and encouragement for our youth groups is much appreciated!  For those who supplied mouth watering BBQ and delicious desserts, you all out did yourselves!  It was so good!  Thanks, too, to those who stayed to celebrate with our six seniors: Abigail Brown, Madison Cummings, Allie Downey, Emily Fischels, Emilie Higgs, and Cody Jervis.  I'm sure they appreciated all the love and encouragement.

Please pray for those who will be going to the Spirit Song Music Festival June 21-23: Dee Allen, Taya Clary, Haley Cope, Allie Downey, Blake Downey, Hunter Harris, Isabella Tapp, Kaleb White, Denise, and me. Thanks so much for all you do to support our youth!

In Christ’s Love
Rob, Romans 12