augustOur Wednesday evening youth groups will start back on August 16th.  As usual, we will kick things off with a night of fun water games!  Please don’t park in or near the upper lot unless you want to get wet. We want to invite everyone to feel free to bring their friends into our family.  This year we will give 6th graders the option to stay on with the Discovery Club if they would like.  We would also like to remind all middle and high school students that Sunday school will be offered each Sunday morning at 9 AM beginning on August 20th.  This year we would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to help out with youth fundraisers.  Please consider helping to organize and lead any or all of them.  The dates for those fundraisers are October 4th, November 29th, February 14th, and May 9th.  Contact Rob is you’re interested.