april showersOn May 2nd, we'll have our annual Grill Masters, Sweet Treats, & Senior Celebration.  All cooks, whether you use an open fire or an oven, prepare to bring your smoked meats and tasty confections to be judged for the coveted traveling trophies of Grill Master and Sweet Treat Champions.  This fun night will not only have an amazing variety of good food, but will also be our opportunity to celebrate with our 6 high school graduates.  Our 2018 seniors are Abby Brown, Madison Cummings, Allie Downey, Emily Fischels, Emilee Higgs, and Cody Jervis.  Please come and share in our celebration.  This will be our last Youth Fundraiser of the school year.  Thanks in advance for all your support.

The balance for the Spirit Song Festival is due by May 9th for those who will be attending the 3 day event.  Please get your money to Rob or Denise by then, or sooner if you can.  More details will be coming as we near the date for the festival.