The Mission - Session 5

the missionDISCIPLES’ PATH

In our last session, we brought up the necessary practice of dying to self as followers of Jesus.  We saw that death to self means setting aside our priorities, plans, dreams, and desires – all for the sake of taking on Jesus’ priorities, plans, dreams and desires as our own.  We also learned that death to self is both a one-time event and a daily discipline.

As we begin today, we thank God that He has blessed each of us with a mission and a purpose that carry weight, both in this world and in the next.  And we ask the Holy Spirit to give us eyes to see the world like He sees the world.  And we tell God we are willing to serve on any mission we can as ambassadors for Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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Disciples' Path - "The Mission"

the missionDISCIPLES’ PATH

In our previous Bible Studies in this series, we looked at the amazing truth that Jesus willingly suffered and sacrificed Himself in order to provide a way for all humanity to experience reconciliation with God.  We also saw that choosing to follow Jesus as His disciples means embracing our own calls to suffer and sacrifice – all in the ministry of proclaiming the message of the Gospel and advancing God’s kingdom in this world (and our daily lives).  With this lesson, we switch the focus.  We have seen that Christ came to us, that He came with a mission, and that He willingly came to die on our behalf.  Beginning with this lesson, we’ll take a deeper look at what it means for us to follow in His steps (our lives following a similar pattern to His).

As we begin today, we thank God for the chance to connect with Jesus, and the reality of His sacrifice through our own experiences of dying to self.  We also ask Holy Spirit to reveal anything at all that might be hindering us in our walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.

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