sock hopIt’s time to start rummaging through your closets to find your old poodle skirt, saddle oxfords, and letter jacket.  We’re going to have a sock hop at FPC!  As a “thank you” for all your support, both financially and through prayer, the FPC Living Waters for the World mission team is sponsoring a sock hop in the gym on Saturday, August 5th, from 7 pm ‘til ?.  Come enjoy your favorite soda fountain drinks served by our own soda jerks.  We’ll have 50’s and 60’s music interspersed with a hula hoop contest, a bubble gum blowing contest, and a limbo contest (specifically for those of us who can’t bend our knees).  If you’re needing a little help with your “stroll” or “twist,” our own Dancing with the Stars instructors, Jerry and Phyllis Klym will be there for lessons.  So, roll up the cuffs of your jeans, roll your cigs into the sleeve of your white tee shirt, and join us for some fun on the first Saturday night in August.  You can’t miss this photo opportunity!