"Take the Plunge" in VBS

take the plungeGrab your sunglasses and beach towels and get ready for some splashing fun at our Take the Plunge VBS!  Take the Plunge is a water park adventure.  But more than that, it’s a Bible adventure that you’re going to love.  Each day we’ll plunge into the Word and learn how Jesus used the very common element of water to teach some very uncommon lessons.  As we soak up the Word, we’ll plunge into courage, plunge into faith, and plunge into service.

The twisting and turning of this splash-making adventure will begin each day at 5:00PM and end at 8:00PM, June 14-16 here at FPC (ending on the 16th at the City Park pool).  Sign up for this thrilling, heart-pounding, and soul soaking adventure.

So grab your sun block and your beach chair and prepare to get soaked as we Take the Plunge and Make a Splash with Jesus!  It will be an adventure you’ll never forget!

You can sign up your kiddos online at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090448adad2ca4f49-2017





Green is Good

kermitKermit says "It's not easy being green," but we're going to try!  We're going to reduce the use of Styrofoam products in the church.  We're going to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  We're doing better with recycling.  We're also doing better with saving energy by turning off lights that aren't being used, and by adjusting thermostats when no one is using the building.  Now we're going to begin "reusing" by putting our two working dishwashers into service.  For all Fellowship meals, we're going to use washable plates, cups, and flatware.  The Fellowship Committee is also asking everyone to check their cabinets and pantries, and to bring any unused coffee mugs to the church.  We're going to stock both kitchens with coffee mugs and wash them regularly.  Just go to the cabinet and get a mug instead of a Styrofoam cup, keep it with you until you leave the building, and then place it in a kitchen sink.  It's all a part of being a good steward!