Lon Lorton, Senior Pastor

Lon Before"Pat and I both grew up in rural Midwestern Illinois, less than ten miles from each other, but we never met until a blind date over tacos with mutual friends.  God put something powerful in that taco seasoning - forty years later now and we're still together!  We have two daughters, who along with our terrific sons-in-law have gifted us with four wonderful grandchildren.  Pat and I enjoy camping, canoeing, and being with the family as much as possible.  But to be honest, we spend most of our time with our church family - worshiping, fellowshipping, and learning more about each other and God.  Life is good; God's blessings are abundant!"

Lon and Pat have been at First Presbyterian Church in Madisonville since 2001.







Rob Wilson, Associate and Youth Pastor

Rob2It's time for an update after 6 years don't you agree?  Our family consists of our son Brad and his wife Katie and a beautiful blue eyed strawberry blonde girl name Lexi.  Lexi Grace Scott was born in February of 2010 and for Denise, aka Mimi, and me life got better in so many ways.  My name and my identity has changed somewhat over the past 2 ½ years to include Papa in front of Rob or mostly just Papa.  You can't explain being a grandparent.  It's something you just have to experience to understand.  May of 2013 will mark 20 years that God has blessed Denise and me with an awesome marriage and I can honestly say that I am more in love with her today than ever!  I am so blessed words can't express the abundance of joy I have in my life! God is so good all the time and He is the reason for our joy, peace and contentment!

Ministry is still good here at FPC and our hearts still beat for the health of families.  Denise and I are blessed to have seen several of our church kids grow up and move on into their adult lives, and it blesses us tremendously to see them walk with Jesus in the new chapters of their lives.  I have had the honor of officiating at a couple of their weddings.  It was amazing and yes I cried.  Our prayer is that all the youth that cross our paths and bless our family here would know the abundance of love that God has for them and that they would walk daily in that Peace and Grace of Jesus Christ as He empowers them with His Holy Spirit.  And may everyone know, young and old, that we serve an awesome God and His Love is eternal!